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Issue no.2 - Procrastination

a never ending battle...

Welcome Back!

Hey! Long time no see! As this is the second issue, and after looking at some references (because references are your friend), I have decided to make this a bi-monthly commitment! Of course, if there is something SUPER important on a specific day, then expect something a little bit extra! :D

Anyhow, in this issue, I wanted to talk about a massive problem I have been going thru. And that is… PROCRASTINATION. It's not a word everyone likes to hear, but unfortunately, most of us suffer from this! Now in case you didn't know, procrastination is, it's when you put off stuff for later—for example, this issue. I had meant to work on it bit by bit throughout the week however, here I am writing this 7 hours before the day ends. Of course, I can come up with a few dozen more examples, but I'm sure you get the idea!

What am I going to do about it?

I’m not so sure. I’ve gone through various techniques for combatting this and watched countless amounts of hours of how other people cope with this. I’ve grown quite fond of the productivity side of YouTube, and although some methods have previously worked, I struggle pretty hard to stick to them! As of writing this, it just occurred to me that there’s probably someone out there that has uploaded a video titled something like “How to beat procrastination” or “How to stick to your productivity system.” With this being said, I will see what I can find and apply their principles and will keep you updated with what happens!

What Ive been Up To

  • Film Scoring 🎬 Im only 1.5 weeks away from finishing school and for my final project, I decided to score 2 short films!

  • Shopping 🛍️ I went shopping with my brother yesterday (oh yeah I have a brother btw @sr.jeffking on instagram) And well, I basically had fun and it was a nice break from my daily routine.

  • Getting Ready 📣 Within this week, there are going to be announcements from SSL and Arturia and I’m quite excited to see what they bring to the table!

Tweet of the week!

FREDDY ROMERO @possiblyfreddy.______. I’m not a guitarist but wow, I got 40% It’s really hard when realistically, the headstock is usually the main differentiating factor! Reverb @reverbThink you know a Strat when you see one? THINK AGAIN— PM ∙ Oct 9, 2022

I recently took a quiz to see how good I was at telling at telling a Stratocaster apart from the rest of the competition. The results I got were quite shocking! I say try the quiz and see what you get! Aside from that, see you soon!