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Who I Am

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I am curious. Every time I am mind-blown or come across something I really like, I go figure out why and how it works. I usually figure it out—other times, I leave it alone so it doesn't lose it's magic.

I am simple. I tend to simplify things, a lot. Sometimes that's a good thing—sometimes, not so much. I believe there should always be a balance to how things work.

I am human. I make many mistakes. I learn from those mistakes to get better and improve myself and the work I do.

What I Do

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I create. That's the simplified version. I make music for films, podcasts, and games. I lean more on the cinematic side of music however I have made music in a variety of genres. On top of that, I have recorded and mixed music for bands and audio for podcasts. Recently, I started making some icons for MacOS apps, this website, and am currently learning to code in Swift.

Where You can Find Me

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This website is my tiny corner on the internet, but you can also find me almost everywhere else. I have Twitter and have been trying to figure out how Mastodon works so, as of now, you can very easily send me a DM on Twitter. Alternatively, my email is wide open and it's what I check everyday. You can find all my links at the bottom of this page.

Why I Do the Things I Do

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Curiosity. Its as simple as that.

When I Did Things

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If you're interested, I made this simplified timeline of my life so far so you can see how I got to where I am today.


I was born in California on November.


I joined Concert Band during 5th grade. I cycled through a few instruments and ended up playing flute.


This was the year I got my first iPod. It was the iPod Touch 5th Gen and this is what I would later learn to be the thing that kickstarted my love and passion for UI/UX design. It was running iOS 6 and I very clearly remember the day iOS 7 came out.


During 8th Grade, I switched instruments to Bassoon. This would end up being a challenge as I was not at all prepared to take on reeded instruments, much less a double-reeded instrument.


9th Grade would see me switching to Alto Sax and later on Bari Sax. During this year, I got Pixelmator and made my first logo as well as a lot of other graphic related items on my iPod. This was my gateway into the world of graphic design.


During my time in 10th Grade, the school band got a new teacher which would later become one of my greatest influences for pursing music. I joined Marching Band and more importantly, Jazz Band. This was also the year I started playing Bass. On top of all of that, this was the year I watched Man of Steel and it was that movie's soundtrack which piqued my interest in film scores and their composers.


After watching a video on how other people make music, I discovered and bought Ableton Live 9 on December 24. This would be my foray into music production.

The band would have yet another new teacher and it was here when I started to understand how music works. During this same year, I took a computer science class and was introduced to HTML and CSS. Needless to say, it got me curious about coding.


I released my first ever EP into the world and had a taste of what releasing music feels like. I had made the album artwork and all the graphics with Affinity Designer.


I graduated High School and went to Academy of Art University to go study music. During this time, I started to get more into recording other people and producing music for myself. I learned a lot about audio-engineering this year. Also, It was this year when I made my first personal website and started learning about Web Design on the side.


Realizing AAU was not it, I transferred to Full Sail University. I instantly felt at home. This year brought a lot of amazing projects along with it ranging from recording a band to shooting music videos and meeting new friends along the way.


For a homework assignment, I scored an advertisement and this would lead me to realize how fun scoring music to picture can be. During this time, I was experimenting with creating websites and I did a complete redesign of my website.


As my final assignment, I scored two short films with entirely different genres being both fantasy and action. I graduated from Full Sail University as a Salutatorian with an Advanced Achievement Award. This was proof to me that I can do anything I set my mind to.


In an effort to continue learning, I decided I would finally dedicate some time to learn how to code and release my very own app. Little did I know how much work actually goes behind the scenes behind every app ever released. Whilst this is going on, I decided to improve my skills in graphic design by making MacOS icons.